The Family Tree, Family Consignment Shop
Mooney Family Photo
Kelly Mooney and her two boys, Braeden and Conall

Originally from North Bay Ontario, and having spent my teenage years in Owen Sound, I landed in Wingham with my two boys (Braeden and Conall) in 2014, starting a new life as a single mom. I came to meet Jen (The one who started it all) at The Family Tree, shattered and the foothold on my life crumbled away.

But, as many of us have come to learn, Jen is the kind of person who lifts you up and pushes you further than you are willing to believe you can go. Having spent a few years apprenticing under her, the time came for Jen to move on to other things and climb new mountains, and for me and my family to carry on where she left off.

It is my mission to continue to offer the same atmosphere, warm shopping environment, and “above and beyond” service that was built here with love.

Mooney Boys