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The Family Tree is a warm, welcoming and inclusive place for you to find great, inexpensive “must have” clothing for you, your family and the entire squad. Located in downtown Wingham, we are dedicated to providing high quality pre-loved brand name and designer clothing you actually want. With nearly 1500 consignors from all over Southern Ontario, and new items coming out daily, there’s literally tons of clothing to choose from!

Our goal is to keep 15,000 items of clothing out of the local landfill each year! We are striving to reduce our carbon footprint and working towards being as waste free as possible. You can help us reach that goal (AND earn money doing it) by consigning the clothing you no longer wear.

The Family Tree also strongly believes in supporting our community. Shopping local benefits all of us. When you shop local, and when you shop consignment your keeping the local economy strong. You can’t go wrong, saving both time and money every time you shop!

Not only are you supporting the local economy, earning a little extra cash, doing great things for the environment and saving money, your also helping those in need. By consigning with us at The Family Tree, you can feel good knowing that your unsold items have the option of being donated to local charities on your behalf (should you choose to do so).

It’s all about making our community apart of one big family!